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7 Ways to Purposefully Destroy Your Social Media Strategy

Posted April 22nd, 2015 by Dale Smarkly in

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Take it from us: Social media marketing is easy. Just a few posts and SLAMMO - you’ve met your business objectives. But you’ll want to challenge yourself from time to time to stay “on your toes.” Here are seven ways to complicate your social media marketing strategy or make it impossible.

1. Delete all of your brand’s social media accounts.

Simple, but extremely effective. How are you going to post anything when you have no accounts?

2. Every time you’re about to post something on social media, move $5 into your savings account instead.

It’s amazing how quickly your savings can grow when instead of posting things on social media to increase your business, you move cash from your “fun money” account into your long-term account. Pretty soon you’ll have a sizable nest egg and your social media strategy will be in ruins.

3. Type all of your posts with the words in reverse order.

Backwards written are sentences the when things read to difficult it’s. That with luck good!

4. Transcribe the musings of your meat man and make that your posts.

Next time you’re at the deli counter getting a half-pound of smoked turkey, take careful note of what the meat man (or woman!) says. Then post those sentences on your social accounts. Images get more engagement, so make sure you don’t post pictures of your meat man.

5. Make each of your social posts a PowerPoint presentation whose message is spelled out through the first letter of the name of each transition between slides. Your followers obtain this PowerPoint via email after requesting it by texting a code to a special number.

For example, if you wanted to say the word “bus,” you could use the transitions: Box, Uncover, Switch.

6. Only post videos recorded with your phone while you’re sitting on it

Videos of darkness and muffled sounds that provide no value will make it difficult to get any return on investment (ROI) from your social media efforts.

7. Post only on major holidays about other major holidays

It will be tough to overcome the wave of confusion that will inevitably cost you followers, and which might bring your very sanity into question, or at least your understanding of how to schedule your posts.

What do you think about things? Do you like to break stuff? Are you a member of Limp Bizkit? Have you ever physically punched a social media platform? Leave it in the comments!